All  Appalachian Wilderness Guides  trip leaders:
a) are certified as Interpretive Hiking Guides
b) are certified as a Master Naturalist with the State of GA
c) have training in Wilderness First Aid, 
d) have Professional CPR Certification
e) are Certified in Leave No Trace Outdoors Ethics. 
Since all of our trip leaders have hiked extensively on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail - (some of them "thru-hiked" the entire 2,185 miles of the "AT") - we are strong advocates of the trail, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, the trail clubs that maintain it, the Georgia Appalachian Trail Club and the many volunteers whose combined efforts make this magical trail possible!
   Our trip leaders provide friendly and supportive instruction.
     We are a group of specialists that will NEVER put you out on 
     the trail with just a vacationing college student to lead the way !        
     When you hike with us - you can enjoy the comfort and security of 
     being with experience !
   Our trip leaders LOVE the outdoors - and their enthusiasm is
   contagious!  We are NOT a group of gruff survivalists, but rather a group
   of friendly, well versed, well educated individuals with surprising
   backgrounds in biology, history, search & rescue, mountain cultures &  
   folklore, botany, counseling and more!
 Wherever we've been ... whether we've traversed fog so thick as
 to obscure the trail blaze only inches away, watched clever bears and
 field mice stealing new hiker's snacks, or watched in joy as yet another
 hiker has discovered the wonders of the wilderness ... WE ALWAYS
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