On an Appalachian Wilderness Guide's "Inn to Inn Trek" you carry nothing but snacks, eat
    wonderful food both on and off the trail and sleep in the best local inns each night !

                               * The security of an expert activity leader

                                                * Carry no backpack

                                                      * No camping

                                                      * Great views

                                                       * Great food

                                            * Great accommodations
                           Contact us at:
                      24/7 phone: 678-262-8406
 * Appalachian Wilderness Guides does not accept compensation for services - but donations are suggested.  
Many events take place on private properties or are hiking club oriented. Those events that are not - are pending 
      and subject to revisions until all necessary permits & approvals are finalized for each event individually.  
                                                                                         Trips go "rain or shine"!
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"Inn to Inn Treks" are custom made to where you want to go, where you want to stay, what you want to eat, and for how long you'd like to go!  These hikes see the "best" waterfalls, views, deep woods - that could not all be in  
    one piece of trail. Since we bring you to different trails / pieces of trail - and you stay at different B&B's -
                                  you get a unique "best of"  experience without carrying a pack or camping !

              These trips range in length from 2 day / 1 night weekend trips - to up to several days and nights. 



$300 donation per day - per person INCLUDES

*  Bed & Breakfast Accomodations
*  Guided Interpretive Day Hike 3-5 hrs
*  Shuttles to and from trails
*  Gourmet lunch you pre-select before your hike that guide prepares on-trail