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        * Appalachian Wilderness Guides does not accept compensation for services - but donations are suggested.  
Many events take place on private properties or are hiking club oriented. Those events that are not - are pending 
      and subject to revisions until all necessary permits & approvals are finalized for each event individually.  
                                                                                           Trips go "rain or shine"!
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Camping Trips

(Minimum age for child must be 5 years old - Rate for child 5-9 years old is $25)

* Trips are 24 HOURS LONG and meet at 10 am on the trip date - and go until you leave the following morning 
(as early as you need and as late as 10am)

* Trips include an interpretive day hike in the area nearby your campsite for an easy / few miles with a
certified trip leader / naturalist before heading to your beautiful campsite along a stream!


Our Camping Trips are a wonderful way to bond with your friends and loved ones in a beautiful, natural environment that we all remember from childhood ! 

We sweat the details - while you get out of town and into the woods to enjoy, to relax,  and to have fun! 

Trips include:

  • supervised hiking and camping by an expert Appalachian Wilderness Guides trip leader 
  • your tent accommodations in whichever configuration you'd like - next to a softly running stream 
  • bathroom accommodations within short walk from your campground so you won't have to "rough it" that much !
  • fireside dinner /snacks / breakfast

Camping Trips